Founded in 1993 by Ophir Bental. A leading programing outsource service provider, well known and respected for it's achievements in the global Hi-Tech community.

Our Expertise at Your Service!
During the past years we have been the technological team behind countless of projects and software products world wide. Our high level of expertise makes us one of the best options as a software provider to any scale organization.
With one of the strongest technological foundations in the industry, our field of expertise encompasses all aspects of WindowsTM programming, ranging from low-level drivers to full scale end-user applications and Internet applications.

We Can Do For You!
If you need experienced programmers to help move your business forward today. Our people are the best in their field and can start working and showing you results tomorrow..
If you only have a concept or an idea without the technical knowhow to realize it's full potential, we are your fastest most reliable solution.

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Megatone Radio
An automated system for radio station broadcasting


Megatone Traffic
A commercials schedualing system
for radio stations and broadcasters


Megatone Logger
The best audio archiving solution for radio stations and online broadcasters


Programming services for Windows

Internet programming for windows and ASP.NET

Windows drivers
programming services

programming services

Man Power

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