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Megatone Radio

We have a great deal of know-how and experience with multimedia programming. In 1995 the Israely Authority for Radio and Television published a tender for local radio stations. We decided to take advantage of our skills and knowledge to develop a complete software solution for local radio stations (called the Megatone-Radio product line).

This product line was extremely successful, and has been installed in almost every private radio station in Israel. Today our customer base includes more than 30 professional installations in Israel alone, and we are successfully exporting our software to Europe.
Among our clients are “Galley Tsahal",“Galgalats”, Radio Jerusalem, Radio Tel-Aviv, Radio Haifa and many others.

During the next years, we have developed a special computerized system with our proprietary audio-engine, for Disc-Jockeys and Folklore dance instructors. hundreds of systems were sold across the country. The introduction of this system has revolutionized the way in which dance instructors and DJ’s work and introduced them to computerized music long before MP3 became an industry standard.

Our other off-the-shelf products include; Audio Logger - a system for continuous audio-archiving and Back Sound for playing background music in hotels, and background music and advertisements in malls and retail stores.

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